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5 Good Reasons to Call a Cab

Even if you own a vehicle, sometimes it makes more sense to call a cab. The obvious reason is to avoid driving while intoxicated, but there are lots of other reasons. Here are five good reasons to call a cab: 1. Inability to Drive Intoxication is not the only reason people lose...
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Call a Cab and Save on Transportation Costs

The price of a cab ride is surprisingly affordable when you consider what it costs to operate your own car. The fees for insurance, fuel and daily wear-and-tear can add up to many thousands of dollars per year. Some people can actually save on transportation costs by riding in...
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Cost of a Taxi Ride vs. a DUI

A night of drinking should be nothing but fun, but driving home afterward is another story. You might not want to spend the price of a taxi, but a drunk driving arrest will cost you around $10,000. In fact, you could take about one thousand two-mile cab rides for the cost of one...
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Five Fun Facts About Taxicabs

Most people don’t think cab rides are too exciting, but the taxi industry is steeped in character and tradition. Cab companies actually have quite a few interesting aspects to ponder. The next time you call a cab, make your ride a bit more interesting with these five fun...
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The Most Luxurious Taxicabs in the World

Sometimes a cab ride is more than just a way to get across town. Wealthy celebrities, well heeled executives and people with money to burn can ride in taxicabs that are designed with luxury in mind. The most extravagant taxis have features that any passenger would love, and a few...
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Ancient Conveyance to Modern Convenience: The History of Taxicabs

The exact origin of the original taxicab is hard to pin down. If animal- or human-powered conveyances can be considered taxis, the record goes back thousands of years. The motorized cab did not debut until the end of the 19th century. Modern cab companies are a convenience that...